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Meet Zorro - Hometown Utah

This handsome boy stands 13" high and is a lean, mean muscle machine.  Zorro is a lover, not a fighter.
Likes:  Snuggling in blankets with Mom, chasing plastic bags on windy days, tug a rope with Mom who always let him win and stealing sister Daisy's toys.
Turn off's:
  Being left home alone, going to the vets, fireworks and mean doggies
Favorite snacks:  Cookies, Cheerios, and Cheetos
Male Australian Terrier - Measurements are 12 1/2" - 19 1/2" - 14"

Meet Daisy - Hometown Utah

Daisy is small in size but huge on attitude.
Likes:  She loves her binky and is a Daddy's girl.  Loves to play with her brother Zorro.
Turn off's:  Wet grass, dry grass - GRASS, fireworks and anyone who does not recognize her for the princess she is.
Favorite snacks:  Tomatoes, celery and cheerios.
Female Shih Tzu - Measurements are 10" - 15" - 12"

Meet Mudge - Hometown Texas

Mudge is a D-A-W-G!  He is always looking for what he can get into next.  He is a sweet boy, though, and will greet you with lots of tail wagging and kisses.
Likes:  Chew toys, treats, car rides, cuddling with his humans, his special pillow and annoying his sister Ginger
Turn off's:  Getting groomed, vet visits, and dog parks (there are scary dogs there)
Favorite snacks:  Zuke's mini Naturals, Nutri Dent Dental Chews, and whatever he is lucky enough to get his humans to give him
Male Shih Tzu - Measurements are 10" - 17" - 15"

Meet Ginger - Hometown Texas

Ginger is a laid back chubby girl who tolerates her brother Mudge.  Ginger was rescued by her humans after being hit by a car and made a full recovery.  This little sweetheart gets whatever she wants!
Likes:  being near Mommy at all times, being the ultimate princess, cuddling with her humans, getting scratched on her tickle spot
Turn Offs:  MUDGE, going outside (the grass burns her feet), brushing her teeth, being away from Mommy
Favorite Snacks:  Zuke's mini Naturals and whatever she can get Daddy to feed her
Female Shih Tzu - Measurements are 11" - 17" - 15"

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